Titan II Decoder Including Gwire receiver




QSI Titan II G scale Sound Decoder 12 amp plug and play decoder and Gwire Receiver for Wireless Remote Control

Please contact me at rmlgarycarlson@gmail.com for which sound file you need and any other questions. You can listen to the QSI sound files at http://shedaker.wixsite.com/shedaker. This is a new decoder, however QSI is no longer in business so board repair is not possible for any damage caused to a board. However I can give support on installation questions and additional programming. The reed switch and cooling fan is included with the decoder.

The Gwire receiver is for wireless remote control using battery power. The Gwire receiver plugs directly into the QSI decoder via a small ribbon cable. This receiver is compatible with NCE ProCab Transmitter. Please contact me at rmlgarycarlson@gmail.com for any questions.

I only charge actual shipping costs. The website estimate should be very close and I will notify you of any adjustments to the shipping cost. Please email me at rmlgarycarlson@gmail.com  for an exact shipping cost to your location.


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