Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see the railroad and also those who stop by the booth at the National G scale Convention. 

Video by Jack Zwick shows the first Trolley with the onboard computer. I have added marker lights up front and 2 more led lights in the passenger area to the second version. I have also upgraded the battery to a lithium battery. The options for custom programming are also limitless.

Autonomous G scale Hartline Motor Car uses magnets along the side of the track to stop and or reverse direction. The red marker lights oscillate back and forth when slowing and flash when at a stop. The car is powered by a Cordless Renovation 11.1 volt Lithium-ion battery and has these items installed in the car:

Quad Core Broadcom BCM2836 CPU with 1GB of RAM Raspberry pi computer, 3 relays, momentum unit, 11.1 volt lithium-ion battery, all lights have been replaced with LEDS, 2 1/2″  speaker, Phoenix P8 sound board, charge plug, and on/off/charge switch all install in the car. Installation including the Hartland Motor Car of your choice is $999.99.

ARISTO-CRAFT Specials on what is left in stock:

Santa Fe Dash $449.99
UP FA-1 $319.99,

Pacific Steam Locomotives $589.99, ATSF, UP, DRGW, Milwaukee Road.

BLACKSTONE MODELS HOn3 to be listed shortly, new reefer cars are due shortly!

Updated 10/7/15. We are adding HOn3 to the website. I am working on adding all of the G scale products back in and adding the new HO and HOn3 products.  Email me at garyrcarlson@msn.com or call 303-466-6005 if you have questions that I can help with in anyway or to ask about products I don’t have listed yet.

Rocky Mountain Locomotives, 10137 Owens Dr., Westminster, CO. 80021




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